Welcome to Youth for Human Rights India

Public Peace Laureate Dr. Arjumand Zaidi is a veteran social worker who has been doing commendable work with social organisations for more than two decades. 

She is the President of Youth For Human Rights India and the Head – UP & Uttarakhand – United Nations Global Compact – Network India. She is the Director of St. Xavier’s Convent School and the Founder of Holy Vision International. She is also a part of the governing bodies of many international organisations of the world.

She is not only a veteran social worker, but also an Environmentalist, eminent Educationist, Human Rights & Peace Activist. She is serving the Nation towards the provisions of equal rights, peace & tolerance and nurturing humanity in the best possible way through her existence.

She has received various National and International awards for her outstanding social work and contribution to Society.

Web Page : http://www.arjumandzaidi.info/